Last week, the start-up of the second stage of the LIFE PLASMIX project was initiated, the washing and drying stage, together with the water treatment plant, being the process even more sustainable for the environment, as the water will be treated, cleaned and reused in a semi-closed circuit.

First of all, the motors, sensors and vacuum valves of each piece of equipment that makes up the line were tested separately.

After their correct verification, a joint test of the entire line was started, and it was possible to ensure the correct communication between all the equipment.

Subsequently, the load test with material (PP and PS) resulting from the first stage of the project, the sorting stage.

The material tests continue in order to be able to make the appropriate improvements to the entire process.

In this phase of the project, the partner LINDNER, has had a greater impact, as it has been in charge of both the installation and the supply of equipment, led at all times by FCC MEDIO AMBIENTE.