The FCC group, a world leader in environmental services, water management and infrastructure, has been providing services to cities for more than 115 years and is present in more than 30 countries, with 58,000 people and a turnover of 6 billion euros.

FCC Medioambiente provides environmental services to 60 million people in almost 5,000 municipalities. From waste management and recycling to all municipal services, it processes 24.5 million tons of waste annually in about 200 sustainable facilities, recovering 3.5 million tons of recyclable materials and 360 MW of non-fossil energy.

Innovation is in the DNA of FCC Medioambiente, committed to achieving the sustainable development goals of the UN 2030 Agenda through the development of electronic mobility and the drive of society to transform towards a Circular Economy model.

FCC is coordinator in the projects:

  • LIFE PLASMIX (LIFE18 ENV / ES / 000045): recovery of plastic mix and recycling of PP & PS from undifferentiated collection.
  • LIFE 4FILM (LIFE17 ENV / ES / 000229): recycling of plastic post-consumer film from undifferentiated collection.
  • LIFE LANDFILL BIOFUEL (LIFE18 ENV / ES / 000256): Comprehensive management of landfill biogas for use as vehicular fuel.
  • INSECTUM (CIEN CDTI: IDI-20181075): Recovery of biological waste through its conversion with insects into new high value-added by-products for strategic sectors.