ANAIP is the “Spanish Association of Industrial sector of Plastics”. It is a Spanish a non-profit profesional association of plastic converters with almost 60 years of experience representing and defending the interests of the sector with regard to public administrations and other  national, european and international organisms.

It is recognized by the Spanish public administration and other national bodies as “representative and interlocutor of plastic transforming sector”.

The Spanish plastic transforming sector is integrated by over 3.500 companies employing more tan 67.000 people and having an income higher than 14.000 million €. ANAIP defends the interests of the mentioned sector at national, European and international level.

The association also promotes networking and collaborative forums by market, sector and territory boosting the plastics transformers’ competitiveness and promoting the economical and environmental sustainability of its industrial activity.

ANAIP has participated in several important European projects related to the plastic transforming sector.

The most recent one is “HiPerDry” project funded by the European Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under the grant agreement n°606425.